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Almost a Hero Idle RPG | Lia's Persistence

This is a story of a young girl shunned by her people, who fought tooth and nail. And against all odds finally becoming who she was meant to be.

So if you play idle games, you may have come across Almost A Hero. It’s a simple idle game where hero-wannabes fight waves of increasingly stronger enemies. But this is not about the game.

This is Lia.

Her back story.

Lia is annoyingly upbeat and positive because even before she began her training with the Almost Heroes she overcame a great personal problem.
She could not fire a bow in a straight line. This was a great dishonor as she is an Fortune-Archer Elf - a rare type of elfin folk that are naturally lucky AND skilled in the art of bows and arrows-.
To beat her lack of accuracy she covers her eyes and relies on her own natural good luck. It works brilliantly and she is highly respected amongst the Fortune-Archer Elves.

The recent game update added an event called “Lia’s Archery Challenge”. While the grown-up Lia we know is a badass, this is Lia before her prime. She’s struggling with herself, and she can’t hit a damn target to save her life. It’s frustrating.

She’s god-damned useless here. These targets are STATIONARY, mind you.

She needs to level up, but how the hell do you do that when you miss all the freaking time!?

But then here’s the thing. Arrow after arrow, she doesn’t stop shooting. She never stops trying.

With an 18% hit rate, she still hits 18 shots out of every 100. She’ll level up, eventually.

So as I stare at her impatiently as she shoots at her feet, it hit me.

We’re all Lia.

Every one of us is all trying to do something; be someone. We have things we want to do but suck at bad.

We end up feeling useless, giving up on something we had wanted.

In the age of the internet, we’re constantly bombarded by some new amazing skill or ability (see: Our idols are amazing at what they do. We see the disparity and feel that no matter how much we work, we’ll never be as good as them.

But what we don’t realize is that everyone sucks at some point. Our idols had to start somewhere too. They didn’t start out knowing how to do a double tuck backflip while cooking a french omelet on a gym ball balanced precariously on top of an elephant standing on its hind legs. Who does?

So back to topic! We all suck at things, just like Lia. And most likely, we’ll continue at different levels of suckitude throughout our lives. But we cannot give up, because if we can’t even keep pace with the people we admire, how are we even going to catch up?

So I cheer Lia on.

I feel her say “I’ve almost got it!”

She looses another arrow that goes wide.

“I’ll just keep firing!”

Three more arrows bounce off trees into the distance.

“My arms hurt so much!”

Arrows whiz by harmlessly.


She screams as arrow after arrow fly from her bow. A handful of arrows finally hit.

In the fight of life, we never know where we’re going to end up. But who we are now is not who we are in the future. Our current state isn’t permanent.

We cannot let our setbacks and failure affect us. Yes, it may be disheartening, and yes it may look like we’re going nowhere. But we look past that to the tiny successes that we get, and learn from that.

And if it’s something we want enough, with enough time, we will build a skyscraper even if we only have bricks.

Just like Lia.

Oh I still prestiged her. Current skill build was crap anyway.



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