Hi there! This is me, painting minis for my D&D session. As an overgrown man-child and board game nerd, I, like many of you, have amassed hordes of gray, unpainted plastic, promising myself to paint them someday.

By no means am I a professional or competition painter (anyone with eyes can tell). All I have is about a thousand painted miniatures under my belt and have gotten decently good at creating speedy, tabletop quality miniatures.

Professional painters tend to cost an arm and a leg, the ones for hire usually go at $300 per miniature. I can do it for you at a fraction of the price, to a decent standard. For me, the return of investment goes as far as how much I can see the miniatures on the table.

So come say hi, let's be friends! And if you intend to hire me, I'll promise to make it worth your while.

Drop me an email!

I LITERALLY just received your email notification. Chat soon. :)